DNA Testing

In this genetic genealogy project, you can find your relatives and reveal your origin by:

  • autosomal DNA testing of any ancestors line (atDNA) and add information about:
  • maternal direct line by testing results of mtDNA and
  • paternal direct line by testing results of Y chromosome (Y-DNA for man only).

Nowadays we are very fortunate to have a new possibility to find our matching relatives using DNA testing. Although classic genealogy data and documents are still needed to confirm relationships, there is a hope to get a pedigree chart also for adoptees, unknown paternity, foundlings, emigrants, and other cases, where archive documents are not available. But it is very important to choose a well-known service provider, who offers also online tools for analysis of matches, who will allow the possibility for interactive discussions and project participation, the export of results, and have a database big enough to compare the results. Of course, everyone decides for himself taking into account also the price of testing.

The Slovenian Genealogy Society prefers the Family Tree DNA service provider due to the fact, that they test all types of DNA (atDNA, mtDNA and Y-DNA), have a sound scientific background for interpretation of results and a high-level confidentiality policy. In addition, they keep the biological sample of DNA for 25 years, which enables later testing when either funds or new techniques become available. Their results are comparable to Genographic Project. As results and interpretations from the Family Tree DNA can differ even from the Genographic Project, it seems wise to order all tests from the same provider.

Personal pedigree Chart
Pedigree chart – An overview of determination of ancestral lines by a family tree in combination with DNA testing. While mtDNA and Y-DNA result in deep ancestry, atDNA test can be used maximum for 8 ancestral generations. In choosing a donor it is very important to find the oldest living ancestor and ask him/her to give a biological sample. The second important element is a determination of his/her geographic origin.

While individuals are usually interested in their own results of DNA testing, we are focused on the population of a certain origin of people. The collection of their tested results will set the standards, based on a number, high enough to make conclusions. For Slovenian DNA pool, this would be the territory in Europe, where Slovenian speaking people lived in the past millennium.

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