Along the project managers, the administrators are responsible for the secure and responsible collection, storage, computing and publication of the database with sample data. The administrators of the survey and database reserve the right to edit or delete any improperly formatted responses that may compromise the integrity of the database.

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Useful links & tips

Join the ‘Slovenian origin‘ group at FT-DNA. You can ask questions or publish news in the activity feed of the group. The administrators will help you with further information.

  1. GEDmatch profile:
    • Download your FTDNA kits to be processed on GEDmatch, using “Build 36 Raw Data Concatenated” (Do NOT use Build 36 or 37 Autosomal Raw Data, as these will not work).
  2. Y haplogroup predictor Nevgen & Ysearch, a free public service by FTDNA that allows individuals to find matches and to compare side-by-side different users that have tested Y chromosome with different companies, and prepare reports on genetic distance between them.
  3. MitoSearch, a  free public service that allows individuals to find matches and to compare side-by-side different users that have tested with different companies.
  4. Family Tree DNA, the first and the main commercial DNA lab for genetic genealogy (testing of atDNA, mtDNA, Y-DNA, X-DNA, export to GEDmatch,, and MyHeritage, transfer of results from Ancestry DNA, Genographic, MyHeritage DNA, 23andMe)
  5. National Geographic Partners (Geno 2.0 test on Y-DNA, mtDNA and atDNA, export to familyTreeDNA)
  6. Other atDNA test providers:
    • MyHeritage (testing of atDNA; transfer of atDNA raw data from FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry, 23andMe, and LivingDNA), see their biggest family tree under point 9.
    • Ancestry (testing of atDNA; transfer of atDNA raw data to FamilyTreeDNA, import from other test providers is not allowed)
    • Living DNA (atDNA, mtDNA and Y-DNA in one set, the export of raw data is under the development); the One Family One World Project partnership between Living DNA and Eupedia has been initiated in 2017. The project aims to map the regional genetic variations of the world with a great level of detail.
    • 23andMe,…
    • The autosomal DNA raw data file has to be downloaded from these providers above and transferred to Family Tree DNA profile. After transferring the autosomal data is uploaded to the Family Tree DNA database and an access to Family Finder – Matrix is enabled for free, to receive a list of autosomal matches.
  7. FamilyTree DNA Database (projects with mtDNA, Y-DNA, or dual based on geographic origin and surnames)
  8. Standard & forensic DNA Fingerprint Database
  9. Y-STR calculator and validator
  10. ISOGG (2017) Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2018, Version: 13.65, Date: 13 March 2018
  11. van Oven & Kayser (2009) Phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation
  12. Science (2018) Quantitative analysis of population-scale family trees using millions of relatives.
  13. Wiki Community – Genetic Genealogy, Y haplogroups in Europe, mtDNA haplogroups
  14. Eupedia – genetics.
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